Stop trying to “Sell” Real Estate!

What Julie???? … That’s what we do!

No you don’t if you want a long-term career! What I thought when in the “sales” side of the business was if I educate my client about the market where they wanted to buy or sell, set them up with realistic expectations, delivered unmatched client service, their home or future home would sell itself. I had a magical career going on that!  I now understand maybe a stronger reason for my success was the connection I made with people, sometimes crazy passion, in what “home” meant to me and why I wanted everyone to have one!

One of the partners at Waddell, Reynolds Bickerstaff, explained the concept of connecting with your “WHY” and working out from there for successful relationships and transactions in one of our business meetings this month. Our Lender Partner, Edie Kirby, looked at me when Reynolds was finished and said “WOW, just wow!”

Do you know your “WHY”? Are you expressing it in your presentation with prospects? I hope you find a take away from this video that will help you “not sell” houses and have a great career in real estate!



If you want to know “Why” I  Coach Real Estate agents now, I’d love to share … I am ALWAYS crazy passionate about it! Give me a call at 706-325-0194 and let’s meet up. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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