Real Estate Marketing in 2016… “Old School vs New School”.

“Back in MY Day”, “Call ME Old School”, “That’s the way it’s ALWAYS been done”, … do these terms bring to mind an old person with retirement plans in clear view? It should. Surprisingly, I am finding these comments coming from 40 to 70 year old people! The term “age is a state of mind” is true in our business. You can age yourself or make yourself young minded and current in your Marketing Efforts. It’s up to you!

As a Coach and Trainer at Waddell Realty, I know being “CURRENT” in Real Estate Marketing requires an open mind, an excitement for doing things differently, an eagerness to learn and, for those who have been around a while (like me!), a level of patience or willingness to learn or delegate “all things internet”. Throwing your computer out the window is no longer an option!

Here’s the GOOD NEWS: Real Estate is and most likely will always be a relationship business. Building relational reputations, long term friendships, being the family “go to person” for all things real estate is STILL a goal of every Top Producer I have been fortunate to work with. Many of the “old school” ways of doing things are still effective with a little bit of “updating”. In residential real estate we use the term “updating” to describe a great house that only needs to be brought up to today’s standards in order to stand out.

We began 2016 at Waddell with a 1st quarter goal to “update” our marketing strategies and materials using the The Playbook with Travis Robertson. Guess what topics have been included?  Open House , Farm and Community Engagement Strategies! Pretty “Old School”, right?! We have been “updated” to the “New School” way of doing these techniques. And, WOW, it is working!

If you are interested in learning how Waddell is helping our agents stay CURRENT and ready to meet the needs of the 2016 client, let’s have coffee soon. Email me at with the subject: HELP, I need coffee! I look forward to meeting you to discuss your marketing strategy in 2016.

FYI: One of my favorite Business Meetings last year was Reynolds Bickerstaff’s “Everything’s Different yet Everything’s the Same”. Enjoy!

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