Waddell Realty makes 2016 Business Planning exciting for our Agents!

We brought in Travis Robertson to “light some fires” in our 2016 Business Planning focus which began in October and finished this week. Congrats to Waddell agents who have completed their 2016 Goals and Business Plans! Hats off to our Leaders who gave me the green light to bring our agents “The Playbook” to motivate, inspire and excite our agents for an exceptional 2016.

Just a few Highlights:

  • We learned how to own an entrepreneur mindset … after all you are a small business owner!
  • Understanding why you must surround yourself with the Eagles of your world … they keep you in flight and away from the ground dwellers.
  • Designing your own Destiny and taking control of your results is exuberating and FUN!
  • Creating Powerful Systems … fine tuned operations allow you to build a business with long term value and gives you the lifestyle you are working hard to achieve.
  • Understanding your Business “Numbers” inspires, motivates and gives you direction!

Waddell Agents are ready for 2016 … are you? I’d be happy to talk with you about your business plans and strategies, give me a call at 706-653-1400.

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