Observation #5: Top Producers know that Life is a Great Balancing Act!

Wrapping up this look into the characteristics and mindsets of Top Producers through the eyes of Dr. Seuss, I have connected the “dots” to what may be the most important thing Top Producers understand. Life Balance is a daily challenge but a MUST HAVE to be truly successful. As a Coach to many Top Producers and a follower of many others here are a few tips I can share if you want a Successful Life rather than just a successful business:

  • Work is to support the LIFE you want, your LIFE is not about supporting your work.
  • Priorities begin with Spirit, Family and Self Improvement, Work follows.
  • Run your business, rather than allowing your business to run you.
  • Be clear on the Dollar Producing activities in your business.
  • BE OK with saying NO.
  • Know when and how to DELEGATE or OUT SOURCE non dollar producing activities in your business and DO IT.
  • Be disciplined and committed to your goals… AND have goals in writing…  AND have strategies to meet those goals in writing.

We are beginning our Season of Goal Setting and Strategy Building for 2016 at Waddell Realty. We have found an exciting, fresh, current program called “The Playbook” by Travis Robertson to guide us through so our agents will be highly prepared for 2016.

It starts off with Personal Mastery which includes Personal Goals and Priorities. As a coach I know an EXCEPTIONAL  year can only be achieved if LIFE BALANCE is where you start your plans! We are excited and ready!

2015 has been great, 2016 will be greater!


Balancing Act

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